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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 23, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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solyndra solar panel plant were on capitol hill this morning, frustrating lawmakers. >> those who lost their jobs when the company folded are looking for answers too. >> reporter: good morning. there are more than three dozen companies inside attending today's job fair. targeting those with experience in manufacturing jobs in green technology. the two top executives if the bankrupt solar energy company solyndra have refused to testify. many of their laid off 1100 employees, like linda are attending today's job fair. hoping to speak with anyone about opportunities for employment. >> hopefully, i can connect with the company that may be interested in my skills so i can get another job. >> reporter: solyndra ceo and chief financial officer re ed to testify at today's house hearing about the government loan. both invoked their fifth amendment right to decline to testify to avoid
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self-incrimination. law makers from both parties said they were disappointed. but said the silence from the two would not stop them from pursuing their investigation into a 528 million dollar loan solyndra received from the energy department in 2009. today's job fair is aimed at laid off solyndra workers and will continue until 2:00 this afternoon. specifically targeting workers who have experience with green jobs. >> the job fair is a success by looking at how many applicants will speak with us and how many will be placed into new jobs. >> reporter: solyndra's doors have closed but they are not out of the spotlight. the house committee is investigating whether the law was violated when the loan was restructured in february. since the company's implosion and revelations that the administration hurried officials to review the loan it has become an embarrassment for the obama administration as he tries to sell his new
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jobs program. lawmakers the only ones wanting closure. >> they owe me 108 hours of vacation time that i was not paid for. and that would be a great amount of money for me to help get me through another month. >> reporter: solyndra was the first renewable energy company to receive a loan guarantee. the fair will continue today until 2:00 this afternoon. hewlett-packard stock is taking a beating on meg whitman's first full day as ceo. hp shares down by 4%. a sign that investors aren't sure about the company's sudden decision to hire her. her appointment was an yesterday. the former ebay leader is holding a staff meeting this morning. all quiet on the campus of uc berkeley after a long angry clash yesterday between police and people protesting tuition hikes. some of those demonstrators
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are accuse the police of having gone too far. amy hollyfield is live at campus. >> reporter: i just spoke with a police lieutenant, he says one of his officers was attacked last night that's were police wrestled him to the ground and arrested him. they say it looks like the officers acted within reason. the protesters strongly disagree. they want apology. the protest turned ugly last night around 9:00. protesters took this video and say police were blocking doors and took one protester to the ground. >> dissatisfied. we had good relations with the police throughout the day. we were peaceful. we about productive, creative, using the space for the purposes that we said to educate students about the cuts and tuition hikes. >> reporter: police say officers showed great restrain. protesters were throwing con they say the man they arrested assaulted the officer from behind.
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they say the man is not a uc student. the group is upset at the way he was treated and the fact that he was hurt. >> it seemed like some outside tried to force their what way in after the doors were closed that led into a person being taken into custody. numerous people in the crowd started throwing chunks of concrete at the officers. >> figure out ways to get uc pd to make an poll to the people they beat and arrested. >> reporter: the protest group is called public education coalition there was word there would be a demonstration 10:00 this morning. nothing materialized. this group says it is far from finished. >> we are mobilizing for the november regents meeting they are considering a proposal to raise tuition by 81%. we are going to be organizing more rallies. yesterday was just day one, just the start. >> reporter: although the group sounds focused and motivated the majority of
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students are too busy with campus life to participate. >> i don't think i would shutdown a building. most students are just worried about school and getting through their day. >> i don't think it help, no, not really. if anything, they should follow around various representatives and hassle them all day. >> reporter: as for the 10:00 profess for this morning that was loose talk -- idea thrown out last night but never got off the ground. the group has a meeting scheduled for next week name's where they will land their next event. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. palestinian president mahmoud abbas today submit add application asking the u.n. to recognize palestine as a state. he delivered the formal documents to the u.n. secretary general. palestinians hope it would reenergy their quest for an independent homeland a bass
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made appeal for statehood before the u.n. general assembly. saying it is time for the palestinian people to gain their freedom and independence. >> the time has comioyñ end the suffering and plight of millions of palestinian refugees in their homeland and diaspora. to end their disgrace. and realize their rights some of whom were forced to take ref tphaoupbl -- refuge more than once in different places of word is >> abbas' request is likely to fail. u.s. will veto the effort if necessary in the security council. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is addressing the general assembly. we'll bring you his comments today at 4:00. federal investigator are looking at evidence that a piece fell offai a plane before it crashed into spectators at the reno air races last week. a report released this morning says investigator are trying to extract clues from an onboard data box and camera
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equipment believed to be from the plane. 11 were killed, including famed pilot jimmy lee ward and 66 injured when the plane crashed into spectators. >> the list of oakland schools recommended for closure won't be released until tomorrow. the superintendent was expected to make that announcement today. parents and teachers have been attending meetings to speak out again the closure. there are 101 schools in oakland serving 38,000 students with low enrollment at some of the schools. officials are looking to save money by closing 30 elementary schools over the next three years. the closings are up for discussion at tuesday's board meeting. phone hacking scandal in britain threatened to spill over into the u.s.. prescription drug crisis at some hospitals. why some are running short of needed medicines and paying@
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a lawyer in great britain says legal action is being launched against rupert murdoch's news corp here in the united states. accused of interentering voice mails. here in the u.s. news corp owns fox news channel, "new york post" and "wall street journal". an attorney for the victims says they are researching legal action here and damages in u.s. courts can be much
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higher thanness in the english court system. public safety officials in fremont are using twitter to give the public a look at their typical day. from now until 2 a.m. tomorrow members of police and fire departments are tweeting all public safety calls that come into their 911 center. during the 15 hour period they expect 200 calls for service. they encourage the public to follow the calls and ask questions at fremont pd on twitter. for more information go to our website and click on see it on tv. a nationwide shortage of lifesaving medication is forcing hospitals to do something they don't want to do. buying the drugs from secondary suppliers and paying exorbitant pry cysts. associated press has identified 15 cases where patients died as a result. either the right drug was available or problems with dosing of the alternative medications. the reason for the shortages include fewer generic
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drugmakers. and lengthy process for new companies seeking fda approval. >> we check in with mike next. >> fall will arrive a few days late today, a little above average even with the fog around the golden gate. high fire danger around monterey. thunderstorms possible in the sierra. >> also, nasa has now changed it prediction about when and where a dead satellite will fall to earth. >> disney goes hawaiian. live look at the newest resort and spa that just opened. whoa. you gotta be kidding!
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you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i cated my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah. they're here! ladies, you have the right to remain sexy...
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somewhat unsettling news for sky watchers.%4ñ that dead satellite heading toward earth is not falling as fast as predicted. nasa is putting the u.s. back in the potential strike zone. the satellite's orientation has changed. they don't expect it to reend the atmosphere until late tonight or early tomorrow morning. most of it will burn up. nasa cautions there's a low proeblgt that debris will land in the u.s.. we have a link to a tracking site. >> low probability i don't
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like as much as no probe ability. >> speaking of a man who deals in probabilities, mike? >> hopefully i will be a little more concise. a lot of sun maybe rain, a little light rain in the north bay, sunday that's the big chain in the forecast from yesterday. good morning. 11:17. beautiful picture you see the fog shooting through the golden gate, the beginning of a cooling trend or the beginning of a cooling trend that will be more significant tomorrow and especially sunday. look at how bright it is over downtown san francisco, gorgeous time to be outside. look from the top down. no northerly push of wind at lower parts of the atmosphere where clearing us out. this rotating from the south area of low pressure and includes could billow up and become thunderstorms. dry thunderstorms, because the bases are so high the rain will evaporate before it reaches the ground, but not the lightning.
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this area in red, the higher elevations on either side of the valley into the mountains around l.a., that is a red flag until 11:00 this evening. high fire danger there. low to mid 60s around half moon bay. low to mid 70s bay shore, 77 at napa and san jose. temperatures running about four to 10° warmer than they were this time yesterday. throw 60s around monterey and santa cruz. 80 in gilroy. sun today, our last hot day inland. cloudy, drizzle hanging around the coast. drizzle sunday morning heightened likely good going to bring us a cooler day sunday. three degrees cooler in san francisco. juan in napa, three degrees warmer in san jose. livermore 11° warmer than average today. we'll start at 71 richmond
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warm up to 81 in fremont. south bay low to mid 80s. upper eight east -- upper 80s around saratoga. low to mid 60s along the coast. low to mid 80s through the north bay valley. 69 in monterey. low to mid 70s elsewhere around the bay. low to mid 90s inland. drizzle lining up along the coast, more cloud cover and cooler with most of us in the 50s. here's what is going to happen tomorrow onshore flow stronger, temperatures drop 4 to 8°. drizzle developing sunday morning just about everywhere. here's the cold front as it moves in it fall as part, but it will bring light rain to the north bay that's it. the ref of us just have extra clouds and cooler conditions -- sunday afternoon. less than a 10th of an inch of rain in the north bay. temperatures drop away from the coast 8 to 16° sunday.
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once that cold front passes, warmer weather and more sunshine, next week. >> did he said sunshine? i think he said sunshine. >> he did say sunshine. say an low ha to aulani the new disney re-- a low ha to aulan that's the new destiny park that just opened in hawaii. >> reporter: you can see behind me, the sun is shining britly on oahu's shore. last -- last night after the sun went down the aulani resort celebrated with dancing drums and disney. this is the celebration there's in the making from the concept to the construction to the completion. now disney's aulani resort is
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ready to say welcome. if you come, this resort prides itself on how it captures the mystery of hawaii. >> there's a rich culture here and a very, very deep and strong pride in that. we thought, well let's honor that and not in any way fight it or try to overwhelm it. >> reporter: instead, they embraced it. working with native hawaiian consultants to achieve authenticity. >> don't get hawaiian confused with something that is generic. we want you to understand what is truly hawaiian. that our artwork, language, music what we do each and everyday is real to us. and we want to make sure that is conveyed in a proper way. >> reporter: it is conveyed in that way with the help of the employees. 90% of whom are from hawaii. >> the people are fantastic. one of the great things about aulani because there is so much detail, art, story
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everywhere. it stimulates relationship between you and all the people who work there, who guess what? are all from hawaii. >> reporter: she is one of them. you -- he is one of them. you will find him tending bar and teaching tourists the beauty of his language. or trying. here's my lesson with god morning. >> aloha -- kaka >> then you say it real quick. >> reporter: aloha -- >> that was close. >> reporter: here's an easier word for us all, joy. that's what the aulani hopes you will feel if you visit. disney is the parent company of abc 7. live on the island of oahu. >> i really like that george.
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>> she is showing off now. >> yeah, a little. when we think disney we think family and can is that who you are seeing or is there a mix? >> i think you will get something for everyone. there are definitely things just for kids. kids have learn how to snorkel on the property. there are all sorts of things you can have your kids do if you want to spend time alone. there's even a pool for the grown-ups only. some of the architecture here is set very low. adults walking by won't notice anything but kids get a different view so they will see a lot of different add haven't and mysteries unravel just by walking around this place. it is pretty spectacular. i think you can see just a glimpse of it behind me. when you see it for real you will be a little in awe. i'm not just saying that because i work for the company. it is pretty amazing. >> get back to work george. >> reporter: okay. >> not sure if he is coming back to california.
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>> friday is perfect pet day. >> mike will be back to introduce us to a ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay?
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yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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welcome back. time former effect pet. hello. how are you? >> i'm great. this is little patter. we call him patter because he pitter-patters. >> tell us about patter.
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>> give him a feel softest fur i've ever felt. i love petting him. look at his personality. >> he's a hyper one. >> he loves to be petted and riding up in the car, just so sweet looking around, really no hyper stuff, just adorable. >> is he that way around other animals? >> loves dogs, loves people. he's only two. and he loves to go home. we have our new adoption shelter. >> when did that open? >> no more chain link fences, no more kennels. we have doggy dorms and kiddie condos. that's where he will be waiting to be adopted. >> you can go there or call 650-340-7422. inquire about that and patter, nice seeing you. >> better act quickly patter
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going to have a lot of people vying for his attention. >> thanks for joining us today.
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